Embroidery machines for automotive interiors

Studio Auriga, with the StudioAutomotive division, offers a range of cutting-edge technologies for the decoration of leather, microfibre and materials designed for the automotive, jet and yacht industry and a dedicated team of specialised technicians for the development of customised projects.

The PAX, HAR and PAR models, born from the experience of Studio Auriga and Tajima in the world of industrial embroidery, allow a complete personalisation of seats and upholstery – for cars, motorcycles, yachts, airplanes and other exclusive means of transport – thanks to special integrated devices that perforate, pad and stitch without the need for multiple machines.

An actual revolution in production that meets increasingly high quality requirements. Thanks to the combination of cutting-edge technology and the most refined aesthetics, typical of the luxury goods sector.

Tajima PAX

A versatile machine designed specifically for the interiors and automotive sectors. It uses a special technology that enables it to execute cutting, perforation and sewing operations with just one machine. It is also possible to stitch and use up to 9 embroidery colours, also using thicker threads on materials like leather, eco-leather and microfibre suede. This makes for an end result of the highest quality, both in terms of creativity and precision.

Tajima HAR

A last generation machine that is used for the creation of multicoloured embroidery and stitching, also using thicker threads on materials like leather, eco-leather and microfibre suede. This model makes it possible to sew with threads of different colours in the same operation, thus obtaining more original visual effects. Its productive capacity adds further value. In fact, thanks to the number of heads (up to 8), it makes it possible to decorate more than one panel simultaneously.

Tajima PAR

Industrial machine for perforating leather, microfibre suede and materials destined for the luxe automotive interiors sector.

In particular with this special technology it is possible to automatically punch holes of different diameters thanks to special punching heads.


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