60th Anniversary of Studio Auriga

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60th Anniversary of Studio Auriga

Studio Auriga will close its doors on September 1st to celebrate the group’s 60 years in business. The programme includes a company outing to Mantua to explore the town and lakes.

The magic of being all together for a day in a wonderful setting made it a truly special and memorable moment.
The group’s founder, Angelo Gregotti, felt truly mind-blown by the enthusiasm of the various teams attending, Studio Auriga, Auriservice, Aurifil and our complete network of sales agents. During the lunch held to celebrate 60 years in business, his eyes were bright with tears and he was moved by the harmony, joy and affection of all those attending.
Everyone stood up and raised a toast to the achievements throughout the years, the constant growth of the group and the anticipation for the new showroom.

So there were tears of emotion, as well as smiles of pure joy and satisfaction, as in the case of, from left, Alessandro Veronelli, Elena Gregotti, Stefano Pucci and Massimo Borghi, the top management of Studio Auriga and Aurifil.
In the photo from left: Aurifil CBDO Alessandro Veronelli, Studio Auriga and Aurifil CEO Elena Gregotti and Studio Auriga Managing Director Stefano Pucci
In the photo from left: Studio Auriga Sales Manager Massimo Borghi, Managing Director Stefano Pucci and Studio Auriga and Aurifil CEO Elena Gregotti.
The cake with the decorations mimicking cording embroidery.
Studio Auriga’s sales agents, whom we would like to thank for joining us here from all over Italy. In the photo from right: Massimo Monti (northern Italy), Giancarlo Zappella and Nicola Giovannetti (Tuscany) from Atr & Filati, Vittorio Peretto (Puglia), Giuseppe Mancini (Marche) with Massimo Borghi (Sales Manager), Mimmo Iazzetta and Ciro Perrella from Intex, Tamafil staff, Michele Cortegiani from Aurisud (Sicily) and Pietro Pauletto from Artex (Veneto).
2017 marks a historic goal for our group, which celebrates 60 years in business, the 80th birthday of Founder Angelo Gregotti and... the new showroom!
There will soon be important news on the horizon for all Studio Auriga customers.
Stay tuned to find out more.

We would like to thank all participants for this memorable day together and our thanks also go to the impeccable organisation of our sales team, Cristina Galanti, Mary Serra and Elisabetta Nobile.

See you at the next event!
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