Establishment of a New Company: Tajima Sofware Solutions Inc.

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Establishment of a New Company: Tajima Sofware Solutions Inc.
Tajima, the manufacturer of embroidery machines distributed exclusively by Studio Auriga since 1975, has set up a new company “Tajima Software Solutions Inc”.
The new division was born from the acquisition of Pulse Microsystems ltd, the company specializing in the development of software for the embroidery digitazing and the supply of production-management softwares, which for the past 20 years has been a strategic and operational partner of Tajima.

On the one hand, this merger will consolidate Tajima's world leadership in the industrial embroidery sector, and on the other hand it will make the synergy between hardware and software, both distributed exclusively by Studio Auriga, more and more efficient.

"Our vision of providing complete solutions to the industrial embroidery market depends on the integration of software technology with our hardware engineering. Pulse advanced software and management systems allow the Tajima Group to develop new functionalities of intelligent machines and Industry 4.0 with the IoT connectivity, "said Hidetoshi Kojima, CEO of the Tajima Group.

“We are thrilled to join the Tajima team and participate in its vision of transforming the industrial embroidery industry with innovative solutions that elevate scalability and sustainability. Pulse has been Tajima's partner for over 20 years in developing advanced embroidery technologies and software. Together, Tajima and Pulse are realizing our common vision of providing innovative and comprehensive solutions for product decorators, "said Tas Tsonis, CEO of TSS, who will continue to lead the technology vision of TSS / Pulse with Brian Goldberg. and Claude Vlandis.

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