Tajima TWMX single-head machine

Tajima TWMX single-head machine
The Tajima TWMX single-head machine is an embroidery machine featuring a large 550x600 mm embroidery field. It is possible to increase the size of the embroidery field up to 550x1200 mm, thanks to the Tajima X-Extension accessory table. This solution is particularly recommended for processing large-field panels, for decorating banners, curtains, clothing and Interior Design elements.
This makes it particularly suitable for embroidering applications on jackets and sportswear, as well as for decorating more traditional items, such as hats, T-shirts and bags, which is possible by installing special frames.
The standard TWMX equipment includes:

» 15 needles/colours
» 550x600 mm embroidery field, extendable up to 550x1200 mm with the X-Extension accessory table
» memory that can store 2 million stitches
» Autograph basic punching software
» thread breakage/spool end detection system

Devices that can be associated with the machine (extra):

» Sequin IV
» Auto Hoop (for automatic embroidery on ribbon tapes)
» X-Extension table

The embroidery design can be transmitted to the embroidery machine by connecting the punching software to the network, or via a USB pen drive. The standard Autograph software is ideal for the basic customisation of names and text. While the Tajima DG by Pulse program is ideal for punching more complex designs.

This professional embroidery machine is particularly suitable for the following sectors:

» promotional
» sports
» work clothing, accident prevention
» fashion (it can be used as a sampler in any shop, showroom or company)

Different types of frame available.
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Embroidery software
Autograph by Pulse
Embroidery software
Tajima DG by Pulse
Fashion , Interior design , Promotional
X-Extension Table