Tajima Writer Plus

Tajima Writer Plus

Intuitive customisation, even for non-expert users

Tajima Writer Plus is a software designed for converting text and graphics into embroidery files supplied as standard with the Tajima SAI machine. It is a program that offers a wide range of editing tools for changing the colour of the yarns, position adjustments, managing the thread colour in sync with the machine and much more.

The embroidery files can be transmitted and created simply by connecting the Writer Plus software to the SAI machine via a LAN connection.
Basic functions

» transmission of embroidery files to the SAI machine from a PC (Writer Plus) via a LAN connection
» text creation (Number of fonts: 31)
    * Some international fonts are available as standard
» storage of existing embroidery data
» embroidery that combines previously processed text and designs
» size changes and position adjustment of text and stored data
» colour change of text and graphics
    * Over 1300 pre-installed designs

Tajima Writer Plus can be downloaded online from a site dedicated to users who have purchased the Tajima SAI single-head machine. It is accessed by entering the Username and Password, which are provided at the time of purchase. In this space, there are also other support resources such as tutorials and user manuals.
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