Technical support

Auriservice is the Studio Auriga division
specialised in technical support and spare parts
for Tajima embroidery machines.
A complete and widespread service, made available
throughout Italy by experienced technicians,
to ensure that all the machines distributed
by Studio Auriga always deliver
peak performance.
Auriservice was founded in 2005 to offer Studio Auriga’s customers complete support throughout Italy
for Tajima embroidery machines and accessories aimed at enhancing embroidery. Continuous research,
carried out in the Studio Auriga showroom in Solaro (Milan), gives life to a team
of selected specialists who operate throughout Italy as certified partners, ensuring professional
and accurate service standards: timely and tailored, remotely or on site.
Auriservice provides Studio Auriga customers with its know-how by offering technical embroidery courses,
in Italian or English, and by designing special samples with the creation of prototypes.
Auriservice also has a large and modern warehouse equipped with spare parts and consumables
for industrial embroidery available exclusively to Studio Auriga - Tajima customers.
I have been working with Studio Auriga since 2000, the year the first machine was purchased, and from then on we have grown up together. To date, we have 14 machines and I consider Studio Auriga a Partner, not just a supplier, a reliable company attentive to customer needs. Technical support is of fundamental importance, in a fast-paced and extremely competitive market, where downtime can be expensive. I can confirm that the service offered is a well-established and fundamental reference for customers, this is what makes the difference!
Mauro Quetti, QCINQUE sas
Brescia Province, Lombardy, Italy
We are fully satisfied with the services offered by Studio Auriga, the local support service for Tajima embroidery machines and the telephone support provided by their technicians regarding Pulse software are excellent and very professional.
Gianmassimo Soprana, Everest s.r.l.
Verona Province, Veneto
The technical support service provided by Studio Auriga staff is excellent.
In addition to professionalism and competence, our company has had the opportunity to meet staff always available and ready to clarify any doubts and difficulties.
It is precisely thanks to the important support provided that we have decided to invest in Tajima embroidery machines, which allow us to use cutting-edge technologies and methods.
Andrea Simonetto, Andrea Maglie
Lecce Province, Apulia
5-star support and excellent relationship based on trust and mutual respect with the 2 technicians in my area. The telephone support for the Pulse embroidery software is also excellent. Thanks for the professionalism and friendship.
Paolo Simone, Centro Ricamo Vichese
Good morning, thank you for your support. Mr Marco and Mr Enrico were very kind. I solved the problem in a short time. Thanks again.
Fabio Aresta, Ripacon
Complete and fast spare parts service
Auriservice has a large, technologically intensive
spare parts warehouse inside the company premises that
completes the range of machinery.
Over 15,000 spare parts, ready to use,
to respond to technical support needs
in a targeted and timely manner.
Contact us for more information
or request an intervention
Operational headquarters
Via Como 59, 20033 Solaro (Milan) – IT
T. +39 02 48022945 (support and information) (spare parts warehouse)
Registered Office
Auriservice s.r.l.
Via S. Maria Valle 3/A - 20123 Milan
P. IVA 04989790961