Tajima PAX series

Tajima PAX series
Tajima PAX is an innovative machine that can perform punching, sewing and embroidery operations with a single machine. In particular, with this technology, it is possible to automatically punch holes of different diameters thanks to special punching heads. It is also possible to use up to 9 thread colours, also using thick yarns on materials such as leather, faux leather, microfibre suede. This machine is available in both single-head and multi-head versions.
The embroidery design to be transmitted to the machine can be created using the Taijma DG-S punching software, standard for this model, thanks to which it is possible to create an unlimited number of patterns and designs and convert the data in Illustrator and/or CAD into punching or sewing. This software makes it possible to modify every single stitch or the position of every single hole in order to optimise the final result.
This professional embroidery machine is particularly suitable for the following sectors:

» automotive
» interior design
» fashion
» leathercraft
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